The Justice System

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Eva Silden, an Instructor and former Chair of the Criminal Justice Department at Camosun College will Chair the panel discussion on real and perceived gender bias and progressive change. “Most of us, who work in and study the justice system, recognize that it is largely a system built by and for men.  It is only within the last 40 years or so that women have begun to work in policing, law, corrections in any perceptible numbers. As such, it should not come as a surprise that women working in the justice system continue to face inequalities and discrimination. A key starting point for exploring some of these issues is to come from a place of curiosity. I hope this conversation with our panel members and audience will help to shed some light and learning on these issues”.

The panel will include Shannon Perkins, Sergeant Victoria Police Department; Paula Donnachie, Crown Counsel; Treena Smith, Parole Supervisor with Correctional Services Canada; and Holly Craig, Probation Officer.

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