Misogyny for all Genders


Dr. Aaron Devor, the Chair in Transgender Studies, Founder and Academic Director of the Transgender Archives at UVic will Chair the first panel discussion on gender justice. “Victoria is an ideal place to have these discussions as we have the world’s largest Transgender Archives and the world’s only Research Chair in Transgender Studies at the University of Victoria. People have many questions and we hope to be able to answer some of them at this open community discussion.”

Included in the panel are ChrŸs Tei, the Executive Director of the Rainbow Health Co-operative, BC's largest community owned trans organization. Rainbow Health supports individuals and families living with the complexities and challenges of physical, personal and social transition related to gender; Kimi Dominic, an interdisciplinary PhD candidate focusing on transgender studies and the medicalisation of gender variance; and Charlie Nash aka Henrietta Dubét is a local gender nonconforming human and drag queen who reigned as Ms Gay Vancouver Island 2016 during which their focus was on creating more safe spaces for queer people, most notably queer youth.

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