Women  and  Power:  Leadership  for  Transformation and  Possibility

My coach said I ran like a girl, and I said if he ran a little faster he could too. 

                                                                                                           Mia Hamm

Building on the successful conference of 2016, this conference will provide the opportunity to further our knowledge, our visionary capacities and our ability to read, critique, and re-create ourselves and our communities. It will provide a space for dialogue, debate, sharing, active listening, joy, and creativity. The central themes of this conference are power and transformation. The intention is to move forward from identifying societal problems to developing ideas and tools needed to implement social change.

Through stories, panel discussions, and keynote addresses we will explore gender in efforts of reconciliation, the trades, politics, the law, and the environment. We will consider how various movements negotiate, claim and use power. Creative and art-making workshops will provide an opportunity to build community as we learn with artists to re-image and re-paint the gendered Canadian landscape. 

Workshop  Descriptions

1. Visual Storytelling: Exploring Women and Power (Crystal Tremblay)

   “Stories remind us of who we are and of our belonging. Stories hold within them knowledges while simultaneously              signifying relationships” - Margaret Kovach

Our lives are full of stories. They connect us to each other and hold deep knowledge about place and belonging. This hands-on experiential workshop will explore themes of women and power for social and political change through individual and collective storytelling that incorporates still photographs and/or moving imagery, music, and a recorded narrative. A short collective vignette will be screened during the final day of the conference.


2. Narrative Métissage: Weaving stories of gender justice and reconciliation (Catherine Etmanski, Marcia Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                           and Christine Webster)

Narrative Métissage is a creative method that invites people to write their own stories of gender justice and reconciliation and then interweaves these stories with others. In so doing, it acknowledges both the individual and the collective and supports the complex and often messy unfolding of our shared humanity.


3. Slam Poetry: Finding Voice in Concrete Detail (Ann-Bernice Thomas)

In this workshop, you will learn how to think like a poet. How to find yourself in life's concrete details, rooting your voice in the honest compassion of the everyday. You will mine yourself, and practice trust in your voice, to tell the stories that ache to be told.


4. Within the spectrum of light and dark: Performing leadership as women (Kathy Bishop)

Engaging in embodied ways of doing and being through various theatrical activities, participants will co-create space to explore, discover, and play with the notion of performing leadership (the power, possibilities and transformation). After considering the spectrum of light and dark - where all belongs – the ensemble will devise a performance.


5.  Video Collage and the Art of Film Projection (Kemi Craig)

How do our personal stories overlap and how does the process of projecting inform how we see ourselves and others? Using video as a metaphor, we will explore questions of identity through this hands-on workshop. As a collective, we will create a video collage with DIY mini projectors that we will make for our smartphone or personal photograph. Materials will be included (but bring your own phone!).


6. Graffiti for Social Change (Bruno de Oliveira Jayme)

   If the city was a human body, graffiti would tell us where it hurts - CHAZ Bojorquez, Mexican–American graffiti artist

No previous art experience is required to spray paint a wall. In this experiential workshop you will be walked through the steps creating powerful images that respond to issues around social justice. The images you create will be used towards the construction of a mural. As a souvenir, you will paint your own T-shirt with the images that you create during the workshop.