September 20, 2018

Gardening has been disrupted by the filming going on at St Ann's this week. Parking on site was not available for the volunteers and we did not want them to have to pay (if they could find a space!

However, Maggy, Jennifer, and Walther came in and Florentina also popped by. The West Shore Adult Day Program joined us again at tea and helped in the gardens too. Thank you to everyone who came out to help!

This week they harvested many tomatoes which were ripening as well as other vegetables. They removed some of the cucumber plants which were finished giving us such yummy fruit and weeded the Novitiate Garden and made bouquets for the Interpretive Centre.

The change in the weather has changed the plants, many are getting ready for their much-needed winter sleep. Maples and other tree leaves are starting to change colour too.

SFSAA - Victoria BC