September 13, 2018

Thursday's garden volunteers got down to business as they had many tasks to do.

Margret, Walther, Maureen, Florentina, Bonny, Jan, Helvanna, Maggy, Jennifer, and Adele all came out to work in the gardens. The West Shore Adult Day Program joined at tea and helped in the gardens too. Adele and Helvanna worked on cleaning behind the big cedars along the Summerhouse side of the Novitiate Garden; it has been a neglected area for a long time.

Maureen, Margret. and Jennifer planted up the area where the new Cha Ching rose was planted and also moved around some other plants in the bed. Margret and Jennifer also dug out a giant grass from the parking lot bed along with the remaining daylilies. They will continue adding more plants which bloom for long periods there which continue the blue, pink, and yellow colour scheme.

Maggy deadheaded many flowers and cleaned the front bed. Bonny weeded and deadheaded in the Novitiate garden and elsewhere. Walter harvested apples from 2 more trees (they are delicious). Florentina cleaned under the Sequoia tree in the orchard and will do the other one (along the academy green) next. She also harvested vegetables again this week; tomatoes, cucumbers. Beans, arugula, beets, and lettuce!

Jan worked her magic creating lovely bouquets for the interpretive centre.

SFSAA - Victoria BC