May 31, 2018

This past week has been very busy at St. Ann's Academy. We welcomed Jan and Adele to our gardening volunteer group. Jan will be doing the floral arrangements and Adele will be working in the gardens.

On Thursday Maureen, Bonny, Margret, and Maggy replanted the pots on the front steps, which have needed to be done for several years. They also finished planting the front top bed which was missing an important part of the planned colour scheme. Florentina and Adele did a wonderful job deadheading the Rhododendrons and cleaning behind the Summerhouse which was a big job! Jan did some fantastic bouquets for inside too.

Walther planted cucumbers, sowed seed in the vegetable beds and hand watered everything. He also dug out the large clump of grass in the vegetable bed behind the garage, whilst Jennifer planted more tomatoes, weeded the bed beside the garage and watered everything.

SFSAA - Victoria BC