May 3, 2018

The Thursday morning volunteer gardening group was very busy. The summer annuals had arrived and were planted in various beds to add that special touch to the gardens. We change the colour schemes and try different plants every year. This year you will find maroons and soft yellows in one bed and pale pink and blues in another. The parking lot will be filled with a mix of pink shades of Cosmos to go with the Lavender and pale blues of the Perennials in that bed.

We are also getting ready to plant a special donated Yellow Rose in the Novitiate Garden. This means we will be digging out a large area and moving the plants around.

In the next few weeks, the cutting bed will be a riot of colour. Jennifer counted more than fifty Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia) flower spikes preparing themselves to be on show. We are looking forward to seeing floral fireworks go off!

SFSAA - Victoria BC