May 24, 2018

Another busy morning for the volunteers this Thursday. Thank you to Jennifer, Walther, Nadine, Bonny, Florence and Florentina for working in the gardens and for your creativity in solving some of the tricky problems we deal with.

Walther finished raking out the large vegetable bed, sowed many vegetables and hand watered everything in this space. Nadine worked on pulling up the Clematis/Honeysuckle. Florence and Bonny deadheaded the Lilacs (a big job) and other plants in the gardens. Florentina weeded and cleaned beds in the Novitiate Garden. Jennifer kept everyone organised and planted many tomato plants in both vegetable beds and watered them. She also made sure all the vegetable rows and types of tomatoes were labelled properly.

We are now getting into summer weather and will not see much rain probably until the end of September. Jennifer and the others will be keeping a close watch on the beds and hand watering when necessary or getting adjustments made to water schedules and irrigation heads.

The Red Hot Pokers and Iris are about halfway through their floral display, with new flowers starting to take their place. Campanula, Peony, Lavender, Roses, Astrantia, Lilies, Thalictrum and others are ready to start showing their colours.

SFSAA - Victoria BC