June 7, 2018

On Thursday we accomplished a lot with few people. Please welcome new garden volunteer Anna! Thank you to our dedicated crew for coming out every week to work in the gardens; it is such a joy to get to know you all and work with you!

Anna and Adele did an amazing job pruning our Bay trees back to their ball shape. Anna and Adele are true Topiary artists! Margret and Maureen cleaned up the parking lot bed removing all the weeds. Maureen trimmed the Rugosa Roses along the auditorium. Jennifer worked on cleaning the bed for the new donated 'Cha Ching' Yellow Rose we will be getting in September. The stake in the bed (in pictures) is where this rose will go. Jennifer also planted Portulaca in several areas of the gardens for some added colour and watered all the new plantings.

This week we cut down the spent Red Hot Pokers and now other flowers are starting to take their place. Blue Geraniums, White Achillea, Martagon Lilies, Annual Poppies, Yellow Phlomis, and Thalictrums are blooming in the Cutting Garden.

The vegetable beds are starting to fill up with all the seeds we have planted. This year we have planted cucumbers, six types tomatoes, two types of Swiss chard, lettuce, beets, several types of radishes, summer turnips, kale, two types of beans, and a hot weather salad mix.

SFSAA - Victoria BC