June 28, 2018

Thursday morning there was a long list of tasks to get done and the garden volunteers got right to it.

Adele and Anna tackled pruning and tying up the Roses on the arbour, it looks fantastic now. Jan helped Adele and Anna and also made beautiful bouquets for the Interpretive Centre. Florence and her granddaughter Amber worked together in the Novitiate Garden weeding and continuing to prepare the area for the donated rose (arriving in September). Bonny, Maggy, and Maureen weeded and deadheaded flowers in the front beds and pots which are so important. After they were finished with that they went and pulled the blooming Morning Glory out of the yew hedge behind the large vegetable bed in the courtyard. Walther planted cabbage plants donated by Babette (thank you), sowed more seed and watered everything in by hand. Jennifer made sure everyone had tools and equipment and also worked in the vegetable gardens.

SFSAA - Victoria BC