June 14, 2018

It was a busy week in the gardens this week. Thank you to everyone for coming out to help – we have a fantastic crew this year and are getting so much done, making the grounds and gardens extra special for us all!

This week most of us worked on cleaning the allee (main entrance from Humboldt Street) of weed; it was a big job with many wheelbarrows of stuff being removed by Margret, Maggy, Anna, Bonnie, Maureen, and Jennifer working on this. Florence cleaned the path by the vegetable garden behind the garage, which Jennifer has done some work on. Adele and Anna deadheaded the flowers across from the garage and then tackled the Roses in the Novitiate Garden. Maureen and Margret also came in and worked on trimming the Roses by the Summerhouse. Florentina did a fantastic job removing limbs and deadwood from in and behind the garden on the Summerhouse side.

We needed to remove overhanging branches from the Cedar trees and Garrya, which created too much shade for the plants on that side of the garden. Jan made many beautiful bouquets for inside the Interpretive Centre too. Walther and Jennifer sowed seed and weeded the vegetable gardens and watered everything where needed.

SFSAA - Victoria BC