July 5, 2018

Thursday’s garden volunteer group consisted of Anna, Adele, Maggy, Jan, Jennifer, and Walther. Thank you all for coming out in this humid hot weather.

 The big job started today was cleaning up the Blanshard St entrance by removing all the daffodil leaves and the weeds, as well as raking the area; this is a several week project. One of the good things about working in this space is the shade in the area. Adele and Anna worked all morning on this along with Jennifer’s help.

Jan made more beautiful bouquets for the Interpretive Centre and Maggy weeded the parking lot bed and then helped on the Blanshard bed.

Walther staked tomatoes, planted pepper plants, and watered the vegetable beds.

At break time we enjoy some greens from the garden including perennial arugula, lettuce, mint, and mustard greens.

Jennifer also worked on the vegetable beds and planted basil, watered recently planted flowers in the Novitiate Garden and the front staircase pots.

SFSAA - Victoria BC