July 19, 2018

Thursday was a very busy day in the gardens; thank you, Anna, Walther, Adele, Margret, Jan, Maureen, and Jennifer for coming out and helping in the gardens.

This week Anna and Adele cleaned the Orchard, picking up fruit and weeding around the trees, noting any trouble areas which need to be dealt with by the Interpretive Centre’s Program Coordinator.

Margret and Maureen weeded and deadheaded in the front beds and the Novitiate Garden. Jan made beautiful bouquets using many of the flowers here on the site.

Walther worked in the vegetable gardens tying up the tomatoes and watering. He also picked yellow transparent apples which we shared with those in the building.

Jennifer weeded and pruned in the Novitiate Garden and deadheaded Hardy Geraniums and Achillea (Yarrow) in the Cutting Garden. The group also regularly trim the climbing Rose growing up the Laburnum tree, so it does not interfere with the paths. Jennifer harvested more vegetables and herbs this week.


SFSAA - Victoria BC