July 12, 2018

We had a big crew of garden volunteers out in the gardens on Thursday morning. Thank you, Nadine, Margret, Adele, Maureen, Anna, Walther, Jennifer, and Bonnie, for helping to make the gardens wonderful and productive.

We had our first big vegetable harvest of the year, including beets, summer turnips, two types of mint, arugulas, summer Ethiopian kale, rosemary, sage, thyme, and winter savoury. All produce is harvested and sold in the building to raise funds for various charities.

We also deadheaded flowers to keep them blooming and looking their best as well as weeded the beds as needed.

In the vegetable beds, we finished the first staking of tomatoes; they are growing so quickly now and flowering. Cucumber plants will soon be flowering too. We continued the clean-up at the Blanshard St entrance and will work on that slowly as it is a hard job when it is so hot and dry.

SFSAA - Victoria BC