August 9, 2018

Thursday morning we had a great crew come out to work in the garden. We also welcomed new volunteer Emma to our group. Florence, Maggy, Adele, Margret, Florentina, Helvana, Jan (and Tia) came out to work in the gardens.

Thank you everyone for coming out in the hot weather! Thank you Crystal for buying the cupcakes and yummy treats and preparing our tea break, every Thursday!

Helvana and Adele worked behind the summerhouse removing dead wood, branches and are making that area look well cared for. Florence worked weeding under the oak trees on the entrance from Humboldt St. Maggy deadheaded and weeded the beds in front of the entrance that so many people like to take pictures of. Jan and Tia made wonderful bouquets and we all gave Tia lots of attention and belly rubs! Florentina worked deadheading and tidying up the parking lot bed making it look wonderful.

Margret and Emma deadheaded and tidied up the cutting garden. Margret also helped watering the vegetable garden and collected thyme seedlings which we will grow on and plant in other areas. Emma and I harvested vegetables; the beans are really starting to produce a good crop. We harvested 4 cucumbers, summer turnips, beets, chard, arugula and other greens and herbs.

Jennifer continued to stake tomatoes in both vegetable gardens and watered various beds. She also made a salad of freshly harvested greens for tea break.

SFSAA - Victoria BC