August 23, 2018

Thursday morning it was a delight to work in the gardens as the smoke had cleared along with the extreme heat of earlier in the week. This week Florentina, Walther, Maggy, Jan, Adele, and Helvanna came out to be in the gardens. Thank you for your great help!

Kathleen (site staff) prepared the snacks with Walther’s help. We also shared our tea break with archives volunteers Gillian and Sandy who document the collections here on site.

Jan created lovely bouquets with Tia’s help. Adele and Helvanna have been for last few weeks working behind the summerhouse and along behind the planting removing deadwood, and debris cleaning the area. Maggy cleaned and collected seed so we do not have to buy it year after year. Florentina finished cleaning the long hedge behind the vegetable bed of Morning Glory, removed leaves and weeded the area. It looks great now!

Walther and I cleaned and weeded the vegetable gardens and harvested vegetables and herbs. The tomatoes are just starting to ripen. Enchantment is the first to bear ripe tomato fruit this year. The apples and pears will be a small crop this year but are ripening and showing colour.

SFSAA - Victoria BC