August 2, 2018

Thursday morning Jennifer, Walter Bonnie, Adele, Margret, Jan, Florence, and Helvana came to work in the gardens. They all enjoyed the cooler weather and hope there will be some rain....Their rain dance hasn’t worked yet!

Adele and Helvana cleaned along the Humboldt wall removing the weeds and making it a nice tidy area again. Next they weeded the allee in front of the formal staircase. Margret and Bonnie worked in the Novitiate Garden deadheading and weeding and then moved on to other garden areas which needed the same attention. Jan worked her magic making lovely bouquets and brought her dog Tia along to visit. Florence spent time weeding and deadheading the front staircase gardens and pots and cleaned in the garden across from the garage.

Walter and Jennifer worked in the veggie gardens weeding, staking, and watering. They counted many cucumbers which they will be harvesting soon. The first beans of the season and other veggies such as beets, summer turnips, Swiss chard, lettuce, several types of mints, rosemary, sage, thyme and savory were harvested.

The Sunflowers are also starting to bloom along with the Gladiolas.

SFSAA - Victoria BC