August 16, 2018

This week’s garden crew consisted of Walter, Jan (and Tia), Maggy, Margret, Maureen, Bonnie, Adele, Helvana, and Florentina. Mark was the acting site manager today.

Helvana and Adele have been working behind the summerhouse for last several weeks cleaning out all the deadwood and debris and making it ready to plant up; it’s a big job and hasn't been done for a long time. Maggy, Maureen, and Bonnie deadheaded and weeded the garage area, front beds, and courtyard. Margret helped as well. Florentina tackled removing the Morning Glory from various hedges in the courtyard and behind the veggie bed as well as cleaned the dead leaves and spent flower stems from the daylilies in front of the hedges there. It is another big job with many wheelbarrows of stuff being removed.

Walter finished staking tomatoes which are loaded with fruit, harvested cucumbers, and beans plus helped Mark preparing our snacks for tea break. Jan made her wonderful bouquets with Tia's assistance.

Jennifer watered dry areas of the gardens, weeded in the Novitiate Garden, collected seed, deadheaded plants, and made sure everyone had the tools they needed. She also harvested vegetables which are sold in the building to generate funds for charity.

SFSAA - Victoria BC