April 5, 2018

Thursday morning was wet, wet, wet, but we gardeners are a tough lot. Thank you to Walther for coming out in the rain and weeding the large vegetable patch so we can start sowing seeds next week. We also weeded and cleaned the front steps garden, the bed in the parking lot, and the smaller vegetable bed behind the garage.

For our efforts, we harvested the remaining purple sprouting broccoli, some small cabbages and celery leaves. We also warmed up at tea time with hot drinks Easter chocolates and veggie snacks.

People still love the yellow and orange Fritillaries and the Tulips in the Novitiate Garden. The Pink Star Magnolia is in full bloom along with the Forsythia, Soon Rhododendrons will join the colour parade being led by the Hotei with their yellow blooms.

SFSAA - Victoria BC