April 26, 2018

Thursday’s gardening group worked on removing winter annuals so that we can re-plant summer annuals in the coming 2 weeks. Florentina, Maggy, Margret, Nadine, Bonnie, Maureen, and Jennifer all helped. Walther worked on the vegetable bed adding manure and hand watering where we had sown vegetables the week before.

In other news, several trees have been removed as planned. The Laburnum in the vegetable bed was leaning badly (dying) and was removed. Two very large seedling holly bushes were also removed from the corner of the garage side of the building. This prominent space will be turned into a new feature bed for flowers and other delights.

The old native Dogwood is flowering in the Arboretum; I have not seen it bloom before! Many other plants are blooming and growing their lovely foliage, new and shiny at this time of year.

SFSAA - Victoria BC