April 19, 2018

Thursday morning the sun was out and our garden volunteers were busy as there is a lot to do at this time of the year.

Florence deadheaded Daffodils on the Blanshard Street driveway and along the Humboldt St. wall. Margret weeded and cleaned up the cutting garden. Maureen cut back the ferns preparing them for the year. Bonny and Maggy continued working in the Novitiate Garden weeding and removing Bluebells. Walther and Jennifer cleaned the large vegetable bed, dug in manure, and sowed several types of early spring crops. Jennifer also planted Sedum in two places which have shallow soil and get little water. This is mainly to suppress weeds.

The pears are in full bloom now along with the cherries; the apples are starting to bloom too – the bees will be happy! The lilac buds are swelling and will be out next week filling the air with their delightful scent. The glorious glowing orange Azalea bushes are full of buds which are swelling and soon will also join the colourful show.... so many flowers everywhere on this site.

SFSAA - Victoria BC