April 12, 2018

Thursday morning’s gardening was a pleasure; the weather was perfect and the sun brought out 3 new garden volunteers to join us. Give a big welcome to Margret, Maggy, and Florentina! Bonny, Walther, Florence, and Nadine also came out to work in the garden. Cy and Irene dropped by to say hello! Thank you, everyone, for working hard and contributing some much to making the gardens here so special.

This week we worked on the Novitiate Garden beds and the bed across from the garage weeding and cleaning. We also cleaned out the large vegetable bed so we can start sowing early spring crops next week.

Blooming this week are the pears, Brunnera and Forget-Me-Nots, Bleeding Hearts (2 types) and Rhododendrons are starting to bloom with yellow Hotei leading the way. The Magnolia is still in flower with the Forsythia as well as many bedding plants and spring bulbs. Anemones are also blooming along the back of the Summerhouse.

In the next week, you might notice that some trees are being removed. There is a Laburnum tree in the vegetable bed which is going to fall down and is a hazard to everyone. Also, there are two large holly bushes at the far corner of the building across from the garage that should never have grown there. This will make way to turn the area into a prominent display bed to add more colour and beauty to the site.

SFSAA - Victoria BC