First Volunteer Gardening 2019


Thursday morning was our first Volunteer Gardening session of 2019. It was a beautiful morning to work in the gardens Everyone was enthusiastic and we were happy to see each other and hear about what everyone was doing over the winter. 
Thank-you everyone for coming out and showing your love for this special place!

Maureen and Adele pruned the hydrangeas and ferns in front of the building, there was a lot of damage from this last blast of winter which needed cutting back.

Maggie cleaned up the bed beside the garage and cleaned the front bed which is so important. 

Walther raked and cleaned the large vegetable bed and sowed radishes and spinach. There still is a lot of greens in the garden to make spring salad, Yum!

Jan made beautiful bouquets of spring flowers for the interpretive center.

I cut down the Clematis montana, it is still alive with new sprouts soon to leaf out. I also tied up the Rose in the same area and weeded and dug out seedling bluebells which are everywhere. All of this in the Novitiate Garden.

Blooming in the garden right now are many types of Daffodils, Crown Imperial Fritillarias, Hyacinths, many colors of Primulas, and tiny blue Anemone blanda under the soon to be blooming pink Star Magnolia. Many perennials are waking up and starting to produce new leaves, Columbines(Aquilegia) and Thalictrum are some of the nicest looking.

SFSAA - Victoria BC