Garden Volunteer Group By the Numbers


● We met 31 Thursday mornings from March 31 to October 26.
● Approximately 660 hours of work was done on those Thursday mornings.
● 19 different garden areas taken care of on the site.
● 585 winter and summer bedding plants installed
● Approximately 3 gorgeous bouquets made each week from flowers and foliage grown on the site by Jan since she has joined the garden volunteer group.
● 223 bulbs planted with many more moved around to new places
● 75 Cyclamen planted behind the back of the summerhouse.
● Vegetables and herbs sold inside the building raised $330.30 for charity
● Thousands and millions of weed pulled
● Hundreds of wheelbarrow loads of weeds, trimmings and other garden waste disposed of.
● Countless smiles, laughs and questions and answers.

SFSAA - Victoria BC