Thursday morning we work in the gardens


Thursday morning we all came out to work in the gardens and enjoy the sunny day. Thank-you Maureen, Bonnie, Walther, Maggy, Jan, Helena, Florentina and Adele and the Langford Day Center group for making this garden special and for all your contributions of work, ideas, great conversation and special friendships!

This week we prepared the garden beds for planting of winter bedding plants and bulbs which we will be putting in during the next few weeks. Out came all of the lovely summer annuals which gave such lovely color to all the beds, it is sad to see many of the going.

Down came the Bean obelisks to be put away safely in storage. The last Beans of the year were harvested. Cleaning of the vegetable beds except that which can be harvested over winter or are cold tolerant are left.

The green Tomatoes which we harvested 2 weeks ago are ripening and we sent flats of them into to the building here to raise charity funds on Tuesday and Thursday. Staff (around 300 in the building) love being able to pick up some of their fresh vegetables before they go home this way.

Filming was not happening on Thursday at the site but will continue in the following weeks.

SFSAA - Victoria BC